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What Are Some Driving Jobs You Can Do Without A CDL?

Most professional driving jobs require you to have a commercial driver's license, but there are still opportunities available for people who don't have their CDL. The CDL requirement for driving a vehicle is based on its weight — you need a CDL to drive a semi, but you can often drive smaller trucks without one. If you're interested in driving professionally and you don't have your CDL, read on to learn about some non-CDL driving jobs that may be a good fit for you.

Heavy Item Delivery

Many small furniture and appliance stores hire non-CDL drivers to make deliveries since the trucks that they use typically aren't large enough to require a CDL license. These driving jobs often pay quite well, but you'll need to be in good physical condition — you'll often be expected to load furniture and appliances into the truck, unload them at the customer's home, and then set them up. As a result, there's quite a bit of physical labor involved in addition to driving.

Hotshot Trucking

Hotshot trucking uses pickup trucks rather than semi-trucks to deliver loads, so it doesn't require a CDL. This is typically used for last-mile deliveries, where you'll pick up a small load from a trucking depot and transport it to a local business. Hotshot drivers usually work as independent contractors, so you'll need your own pickup truck and trailer. You'll also be responsible for all of the maintenance on your vehicle. To make up for that, the pay for hotshot trucking is generally better than other non-CDL driving jobs.

Short-Distance Courier

When businesses need to transport something a small distance, they often hire a courier service to do the job. For example, a business may use a courier to transfer electronics from one office location to another. Courier services are also commonly used by medical and legal businesses as well since they can provide same-day delivery for time-sensitive items. These jobs are often small enough to be accomplished using a regular passenger car rather than a truck, so you don't need a CDL to become a courier.

While having your CDL boosts your earnings and opens up more opportunities for driving jobs, there are still several options that don't require this license. Hotshot trucking, in particular, is a lucrative option for people who already own a pickup truck that's capable of hauling small loads. If you don't have your CDL and you still want to drive professionally, search driving job boards for one of the jobs above — you'll often be able to find an opportunity to drive small trucks that don't require a CDL.

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