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Top Up Your Vape Shop Order By Adding These Products

Although there are plenty of benefits of visiting vape shops in your community to buy the products that you need, you may also enjoy seeking out online stores that carry wide selections of products. When you shop online, you'll sometimes find that retailers offer free shipping once your order reaches a certain monetary threshold — $50 or $100, for example. If you've completed your order but are a little short of the free shipping threshold, you may wish to add a one or more inexpensive items to make you eligible for free shipping. Here are some options to consider.


If your vape device is fancy enough that is has a removable mouthpiece, you may wish to look for a replacement mouthpiece at the online vape shop. Many retailers sell such devices, and they're often inexpensive. If you're just a small amount of money away from your free shipping threshold, a replacement mouthpiece may push you past the threshold. The idea of replacing your mouthpiece can be appealing. This is especially true if you've used the same vape device for a considerable length of time.


Another option to consider is adding a vape device charger to your virtual shopping cart as a way of increasing the cost of your order to make it eligible for free shopping. Vape kits typically include a charger. However, just like your smartphone charger, your vape charger can wear out over time or you can lose it. Even if your current charger works well, you'll have peace of mind of having a second charger. For example, you might want to leave one at home and one in your car, or one at home and one in your purse. A charger that is compatible with your vape device is almost certainly available at the online vape store and usually doesn't cost very much money.

Carrying Case

A carrying case is another inexpensive product that you can buy to push your order cost over the free shipping threshold. Such products are available in many different styles, and are ideal for holding your vape device, one or two bottles of e-juice, and some other basic accessories. If you're the type of person who keeps their vape supplies loose in your purse, the console of your car, or a jacket pocket, you'll appreciate being able to keep everything together. Many of these cases are discreet, padded, and close with a zipper to keep all of your vaping equipment safe.

The next time you're shopping for vape supplies, consider adding some of these items to you cart.