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Three Reasons To Use A Foldable Smartphone

If your smartphone contract is up for renewal, one of the exciting things on your to-do list may be to decide what new phone you want to replace your current one. You can talk to your provider about which phones are available at which prices, depending on the type of contract that you sign. A foldable smartphone might not be the first type of phone that comes to mind, especially if you've enjoyed using a conventional smartphone over the past several years. Foldable smartphones are popular, however, and they offer a number of appealing features. Here are three reasons to think about choosing a foldable smartphone.

It Fits In Your Pocket More Easily

Over the last several years, smartphones have become larger in size. The increased dimensions of their screens can certainly be appealing, but one of the significant challenges of a large smartphone is being able to comfortably and safely carry it in your pocket. If you've found that your current phone doesn't fit in your pocket with ease, you'll likely appreciate switching to a foldable model. These phones are fairly small in size when you fold them, which can allow you to easily fit your phone in your pocket.

It's Less Apt To Suffer Screen Damage

Scratches to their screens are one of the common ways that smartphones can get damaged. This is especially true if you aren't in the habit of using a screen protector on your device. For example, if you keep your car keys and phone in the same pocket, the keys may scratch the phone's screen. Or, if you occasionally place the phone face down on a rough surface, scratches can occur. A scratched screen can be a visual nuisance, but this isn't likely to be an issue that you'd encounter with a foldable smartphone. Because you keep the phone in the closed position when you're not using it, there's little risk of any screen damage.

It Offers A Quick-View Screen

Another reason to consider using a foldable smartphone is that many models have quick-view screens on their outer cases. This term describes a small screen that you can view without actually folding open the phone. You may find that this screen, which you can set up to display relevant information to you, is useful for functionality such as checking the time, viewing notifications, and more — especially if you want to do so subtly, such as when you're at work.

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