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About Home Inspections

There are a lot of things to be done when purchasing a home, and it can be overwhelming. This article will give you some information on buying a home and how inspections play into things. Here is information that's going to help you understand the process better.

Buying a home begins with finding one

When you decide to buy a home, you'll search for one that gives you as many things as possible off the list of features you want. As soon as you find one, you need to make sure it falls in your budget and that it isn't going to be more than you bargained for, meaning that it won't have a lot of things wrong with it that you aren't able to have taken care of or that you don't want to have to deal with. In order to truly know how much is wrong with it, you'll need to have an inspection done.

Inspections should be done to check many parts of the home

There are many areas of a home where there can be problems that wouldn't be able to be detected from a simple walkthrough. Here are some of the different types of inspections that are commonly done:

Pest inspection

It's a good idea to get a pest inspection if you have any reason to believe that a home may have pests. Look in drawers, in cabinets, and along baseboards and windowsills for signs of pests that can come in the form of pest parts or feces. It's also difficult to know if a home has termites. If you buy a home with termites, then you can end up buying a home that has serious issues with its structural integrity. This is why a pest and termite inspection is not something you should ever forego.

Roof inspection

If you are thinking of buying a home that doesn't have a newer roof, then having a roofing inspection done is a good idea. You want to know what, if any, damages there are to the roof. You can then attempt to have the cost of the repairs or roof replacement deducted from the price of the home and see if the sellers agree to it. This would give you the money to fix the roof without spending even more on the home after purchasing it.

Electrical inspection

Since electrical issues can lead to house fires, you should consider having an electrical inspection done unless you are buying a home that's new. The electrical inspection may show that the home is fine, that the home has minor issues, or that the home has some serious problems you would want to have tended to before moving your family in.

Plumbing inspection

Since the majority of the plumbing in the home will be out of sight, it is important to have the plumbing inspected. This is true even if you don't see any issues with any of the faucets or drains. There can be issues below the surface that can be problematic in many ways, and you want them acknowledged so that you can proceed accordingly.

Asbestos inspection

Homes built before the 1980s used to use materials that contained asbestos. Now that it is known asbestos comes with serious health risks, materials with asbestos are no longer used. However, older homes may still have asbestos, and an inspection will tell you if the house you're thinking about buying has asbestos.

Mold inspection

Mold can hide out of sight and destroy many parts of a home until it causes serious issues with the integrity of that home. Plus, mold can cause health problems for those who breathe in mold spores. A mold inspection lets you know if there is mold anywhere in the home.

Foundation inspection

You need to know if a home has foundation issues since the integrity of the entire home rests on the integrity of the foundation. The inspection will let you know how sound the foundation is and if there are any potential risks.

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