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3 Reasons To Have Your Newborn's Birth Chart Done

People throughout history have studied the stars in an attempt to better understand themselves and the world around them. Astrology can be an invaluable tool when it comes to parenting a child, since it offers insight into your strengths and weaknesses as a parent, as well as the natural patterns of your child.

Birth charts are a snapshot of the astrological climate at the time of one's birth. Having your newborn's chart done will allow you to hone your parenting skills and offer useful guidance throughout your child's life.

1. Learn About Your Child's Needs

One of the most important things that a birth chart can reveal is what your child needs to feel safe. Children who are raised with a sense of security instilled by their parents are better able to form secure attachments later in life.

Astrology can be a valuable tool that helps you understand what your child needs during the early years when he or she is unable to express their needs verbally.

Using the position of the sun, moon, and planets, your child's birth chart can reveal whether physical touch, companionship, or independence will contribute to feelings of safety as an infant and toddler.

2. Identify Your Child's Strengths and Weaknesses

Many parents feel that it is their responsibility to develop the natural strengths that their child possesses. A birth chart can be invaluable in helping you identify both the strengths and weaknesses toward which your child is naturally inclined. This knowledge can be beneficial when it comes to determining your own parenting style.

If you know that your child's astrological chart shows that he or she may struggle with communicating thoughts and feelings, you can take action to help combat this weakness so your child will develop good communication skills. If your child's birth chart shows that he or she will excel at developing friendships, you can make it a point to provide social interaction from a young age.

The birth chart can act as a type of cheat sheet to help you more fully develop your child's potential.

3. Identify Potential Conflicts

Another great reason to have your newborn's birth chart completed is to identify potential areas of conflict between your child and yourself. Personality can play a big role in the development of the parent-child relationship.

A birth chart will help you understand your child's personality so that you can determine how to parent with that personality in mind. You will be able to identify areas where your own personality may clash with your child's, allowing you to be more mindful as you parent your child in the future.

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