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Possible Reasons Your Hot Tub Won't Heat The Water

It's disappointing when you're ready for a warm, relaxing soak in your hot tub and the water is too chilly. A hot tub that doesn't heat is a problem you'll want to fix right away. Several things can cause this problem, and you might be able to do something simple to get the heater working again. However, it's also possible you'll need to call a hot tub repair technician for help. Start by looking at the error code and matching it to the explanation in your owner's manual. Here are some things that might cause your hot tub to stop heating water.

The Water Level Dropped

If you haven't filled the water in your tub lately and the tub has lost water due to evaporation, kids splashing, or a leak, then that could be the problem. When the water level is low, the skimmer sucks in air instead of water, and that can cause the heater to shut down. Try filling the water to the appropriate level to see if the heater starts working again.

The Filter Is Clogged

If the filter in your hot tub is clogged, water can't circulate freely, and when water is restricted, your heater may shut down to keep from overheating the water. Take the filter out of your hot tub and clean it to see if that fixes the problem. If the filter is clean and there is plenty of water in the tub, then there might be a mechanical or electrical problem a hot tub repair specialist will have to fix.

The High Limit Switch Is Bad

The high limit switch is the safety mechanism for your hot tub that keeps the water from getting dangerously hot. When something is wrong with the switch mechanism, your hot tub heater may not work at all. If the limit switch is bad or if the wiring going to the switch is damaged, the parts need to be repaired or replaced, and you'll need to call a repair person for help.

The Heating Element Is Bad

The heating element is what makes the water hot, so when it goes bad, there won't be any hot water. A repair person can check the electric current in the element and look for signs of damage, such as cracking. Even scale from hard water can cause problems by making the heating element overwork until it fails or by making it impossible for the heater to get your water hot enough.

Your hot tub has several parts that work together to give you a warm and relaxing experience. While failure of the heating parts can lead to cold water, failure of the water flow can also cause the heater to stop working due to the high limit switch. Your repair technician may have to check several parts to uncover the cause of the problem, but if your hot tub displays error codes, the technician will have a good indication of where to start.