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3 Benefits Of Using A Mystery Shopping Evaluation Service For Your Retail Business

If you want to succeed in retail, you need to make sure you have great customer service and you meet the needs of your customers. One way to ensure that you meet these goals is by employing mystery shoppers to evaluate your business on an ongoing basis.

Benefit #1: Monitor the Service

One of the biggest benefits of mystery shoppers is that you can use their feedback to monitor the customer service that your employees provide. In order to monitor the customer service provided, you can work with the mystery shopping service to create a detailed questionnaire that asks specific questions about the actions the employees are taking that relate to your specific customer service expectations.

A detailed questioner that aligns with how you train your employees will allow you to see how your employees behave and treat customers. You can use this information to improve training, reset expectations, or give praise to your employees.

Benefit #2: Monitor the Facility

The condition of your business matters. If you run a clothing retail store, for example, and the clothing is in the wrong place and the fitting rooms are filled with rejected clothing, that is what you want to know. Poor conditions can cause customers to stop shopping and even not return to your store.

Once again, you want to have questions for your mystery shoppers that go beyond, "Was the store clean?" You want specific questions that relate to your business, such as, "Were the dressing rooms clean of clothing? Was clothing on the right racks? Was the floor clean? Were the shelves organized?"

The more specific the questions are, the easier it will be to offer praise for how the facilities are taken care of and to make changes to improve the care of the facilities.

Benefit #3: Identify Great Employees

Finally, a secret shopper can help identify employees who do a great job. They can identify employees who do their job and those who go above and beyond. With mystery shopper evaluations, you can see how employees actually treat customers and you don't have to depend upon manager evaluations, which can be impacted by the personal relationship between employees and managers.

You can use the evaluations to offer praise to employees and to help you decide who has earned a raise or a promotion. You can also use the evaluations to see how struggling employees are doing and what type of training they need to succeed.

If you want to improve your retail store, work with a mystery shopping service that allows you to create custom evaluations that align with your business practice and training. These evaluations will help you get an outside perspective of what is happening in your store, which will help you know what to focus on with your employees. Learn more about mystery shopping evaluation services today.