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Three Things To Consider For Your Coastal Home Floor Plan

Whether you are creating a coastal home that will be your primary living space or your vacation getaway, the process of picking the right floor plan sure is exciting. The designer will help you funnel through all of your options, but there are certain things that all coastal home builders should consider in the process. Here is a look at three important things to consider while in the process of picking a coastal home floor plan

Consider bringing more of the outdoor living space inside. 

Exterior patios, sitting areas, and gazebos are great when you have a view of the ocean. However, there will be brisk nights and scorching days in some locations when you can't really enjoy the outdoors as much as you'd like. To make sure you get to enjoy the outdoors even when you are spending time inside of your coastal home, consider creating outdoorsy living spaces. For example, something like a sitting area in the back of the house that is completely surrounded by windows allows you to enjoy the view from inside. 

Consider building upward and not outward. 

Sprawling seaside homes really do have their draws, but it is often more feasible to build up instead of creating a massive one-floor coastal home. Multiple stories are going to give you opportunities for incredible views of your surroundings. But adding a second story instead of more main floor space with a single story will give you far more exterior ground to enjoy on your property. For example, a two-story home with 1,200 square feet on each floor will still give you an attractive amount of living space, but the ground around you will be plentiful and large enough for an outdoor kitchen, a small flower garden, and more. 

Consider forgoing closet space to make way for larger rooms. 

Coastal homes are the types of places you may not get to stay in every day. The majority of people who have one of these homes built will be using the property as a getaway or a vacation property of sorts. Therefore, having a lot of additional storage space in the house really will not make a lot of sense. Larger rooms can be far more accommodating when you really want to stretch out and relax, and it is unlikely that you will travel to the home with much more than a few weeks' worth of clothing to stow away.