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Five Things You Should Consider Scanning

If you feel lost in the paperwork around your home, it's time to do a deep dive and sort it all out. It can be easy to become a paper hoarder because of the sheer volume of documents or paper you receive in the mail. Here are some tips for getting organized if you are ready to tackle your piles and decide what you need to keep:

Tax Documents

If you have papers that are relevant for tax purposes you need to keep these. Receipts, tax forms, and other documents need to be kept even after you file taxes. This is because you might find yourself getting audited and need to be prepared. Consider organizing your tax info by filing year. High speed digital scanning can be a great way to save these items without holding onto the physical paper the information is on. Getting rid of the clutter and being able to access all the info from your computer can be a huge benefit.


Photos are a precious belonging for many people. Pictures provide us with memories of people we love and good times that were had. If you find yourself overwhelmed by the number of photos you have collected over the years, its time to sort them. Go through your collection and look for photos that are duplicates or not worth saving. High speed digital scanning is a great way to quickly catalog all your memories from the years and keep them safely on the computer or in the cloud. If your home were lost in a fire the photos might be lost forever. Having digital copies in an online cloud service can help you ensure their safety.

Home Documents

Selling or purchasing a home can create a lot of paperwork. You will find your counters cluttered with lender approval letters, escrow or closing documents, and insurance paperwork. Saving these documents is important but you don't need the paper. Gather all your real estate related paperwork in the home and scan it into the computer. Label scanned document files clearly and you will be able to access this info next time you need it.

High speed document scanning is a great way to get rid of the paper clutter in your home. It is a fast and affordable service that can simplify your life and protect the important things like photos and legal documents. For more info find a high speed digital scanning service in your local area to help you spring clean!