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Following The Money With Limited Skills: How To Land That Federal Job

Federal jobs are where the money is. It does not matter what you choose to do in terms of federal employment; there is a really good paycheck attached to it. If you have decided to pursue a federal job of any kind, but you are concerned that your skills will not stack up to the hiring requirements, here is how to land that job. 

Definitely Play the Military/Veteran Card 

If you served in the military for even six months, or you were a veteran of a past war, you have an edge when it comes to the federal job market. You will be asked on your job qualifier test if you are ex-military or a veteran. If you are, play that card. Playing the military/veteran card means:

  • You have automatic dibs on a job that many other applicants are seeking 
  • You actually get several bonus "points" added to your job qualifier test. 

Bonus points ensure that no matter how low you may have scored on a federal job qualifier test, you will have a boost up in the list of other military/veteran applicants over the civilian applicants. Make sure your resume writer knows about your military status as well. 

Hire a Federal Job Resume Writer

If you did not serve in the military in any capacity, you are really going to have to beef up your resume. To do that, you should hire a federal job resume writer. These professionals know exactly what the federal job interviewers are looking for, as well as what should be on your resume to make it look impressive. They will ask you about all of your skills, no matter how minute, and your work experience. If you give your resume writer enough details, the resume writer can make the best possible resume and summary of your skills to land you that job. If the resume is excellent, then you at least know that it was not your resume that blocked you from getting the job. 

Take All Required Tests for the Job When You Apply

Federal jobs often require a battery of tests. Personality tests, psych tests, and even matching/mathematical and language tests are par for the course, depending on the job and position to which you are applying. If you do it all online, you can have most of the required tests complete before you have your interview and/or before you are required to take a final qualifier test in person.

To learn more, contact your local resume writer today.