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Water Well Tips To Remember

Having a water well on your property is an excellent way to ensure your family gets clean water while also potentially reducing your energy costs due to no longer needing the supply from your local town or city. But having a water well and maintaining it for maximum efficiency are two different things. Here are some water well tips to keep in mind.

Regular Inspection is Key to Early Detection and Major Repair Prevention

For best results, you or preferably a professional should be inspecting the quality of your water and all well parts like the well pump on a regular basis. Remember that finding a problem early on is much preferable to letting it linger or worsen and result in a major repair.

Keep All Data

If you do tests of your water quality in between appointments with a water well contractor, you should be saving this information for the long-term. You will want to balance your well water a certain way and having a track record of the water quality over the previous months or years is the easiest way to notice that something is suddenly not as it should be.

Be Careful When Moving Around the Well Area

Be sure you don't accidentally cause damage to your well. If you must perform maintenance on the lawn, be sure you are not digging, mowing or otherwise getting aggressive near the well casing. If you breach the well casing, this could cause unsanitary conditions. If you use pesticides or any kind of fertilizer on your lawn, keep a wide berth of the area around the well when spraying these substances. You don't want anything mixing in with the well water and getting into your water supply.

You Can't Do Everything Yourself: Stick to Professional Care

Yes, you might be decent with indoor plumbing or other things around the house, but a water well has multiple concerns that you might not be used to dealing with. From maintaining the water well pump to testing the cleanliness of the water, this is not a job for a newbie or rookie. Get your water well pump inspected and serviced by a pro at least a couple times per year. The money you spend on regular professional maintenance will pay dividends through lower long-term costs as the well begins to age For best results, reach out to a local company that provides residential water well pump services for more information.