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Sign Design 101: What You Get To Choose When Creating A Sign For Your Business

It is the big moment; you have established your business, but now you need a sign. It is common for everyone who starts a business, and signage is vital to your business's survival. Without that sign, customers do not know who you are, where you are located, and what you offer. They could drive by your location for days and never know that your business is open or stop to see what you have. Moving forward, you get to choose several design elements for your sign before the sign company creates it for you. 


If there is going to be writing on this sign (and there should be), you will have to choose a font. The font should be easy to read, professional, and yet, somewhat decorative or eye-catching. Your sign designer will show you several fonts and how they will appear on your sign with the words you want to use. Then you can see ahead of time how this aspect of your sign will look. 

Business Information

It is best to keep the words on the sign short and sweet. Most business owners limit it to the name of the business, type of business, and telephone number, but the telephone number is purely optional. Know exactly what you want on the sign so that the sign manufacturer gets it just right.


More colorful signs draw the eye in, while more neutral signs blend into the surroundings. Yes, it does cost a little more for colorful signs, but a lot of business owners say it is worth it. Take colors and color schemes into consideration when you plan your sign budget. 


If you are not restricted to the size of the sign, bigger is better here. Smaller signs are harder to see from a frontage road or from a road running parallel to a frontage road. A larger sign is spotted quicker and will result in more customers pulling into the lot to check out what you have or what you offer. 

On the other hand, if you are restricted to a certain size of sign, make it really stand out from the other small signs around it. You can do this with colors and patterns, as well as changing up the font. When you view the property before you rent it for your business, take a picture of the signage on the property, and then ask your sign designer to make a sign that stands out from that.

For more information, contact a signage company.