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Stalled Clean Comedy Career? Comedy Albums From Female Dirty Jokesters May Be Beneficial

Keeping comedy clean is often tough for up-and-coming comedians and may make it hard for them to find some gigs. As a result, it may be necessary to expand their range with some dirty jokes. And buying the comedy albums of some of the finest female comediennes can help make this process easier.

Dirty Humor Is a Comedy Staple

Comedians or comediennes who have tried to steer away from dirty humor have been denying themselves the chance at many possible comedic scenarios. Though crude humor may seem basic or boring, it has an undeniable appeal to just about everybody. As a result, it isn't a bad idea to open up to this type of joke, particularly if a new twist on the style is possible. And most of the best jokes of this type come more from female comedy specialists these days.

For years, this type of dirty humor was common more from male comedians. That's because it was more socially acceptable to hear it from their perspective. However, a growing legion of female comediennes have made it not only more acceptable for women to tell dirty jokes but also much more common. These days, the best dirty jokes often come from the perspective of a female comedienne making a new and exciting comedy album.

Female Dirty Comedians Bring a New Insight

Those who are expanding their comedy horizons to include dirtier jokes may want to listen to the albums of a few female comedians. Over the decades, some female jokesters have often focused on very dirty humor. That's because it was quite shocking to hear women make jokes that men once made instead. Now, women can express their interest in dirty topics in a way that differs from the male perspective.

For example, they can take a common dirty joke told by men and put a twist on it from the female perspective. In this way, they can make their listeners better understand how women react to such humor and situations. Like any good joke, a dirty punchline provides an insight into a situation that many people face and gives it a unique twist to make it more interesting, engaging, and unforgettable.

Thankfully, there are many different dirty comediennes out there these days. From groundbreaking professionals like Joan Rivers to up-and-coming comediennes like Monique Marvez, there are many different options from which to choose these days. Therefore, anybody who wants to expand their comedic range to slightly risque material should consider these albums a must-listen. Get the Monique Marvez comedy album today to get started.